IMEMOI is a deluxe lifestyle brand working exclusively with premium materials. Our aesthetic stems from an unexpected and unique juxtaposition of materials and colours, supported by Italy’s great craftsmanship heritage. To us, creativity is about ever-changing human emotions, thus we only make limited editions of some ‘happy few’ items. At our atelier, each piece is manufactured as a ‘pièce unique’ by both implementing new techniques and salvaging old ones from oblivion. Every single IMEMOI bag takes dozens of hours to be made because we believe in time being the most valuable thing and handmade objects carrying a soul. My name is Margherita and I’m the founder and creative director of IMEMOI. I grew up between Italy and France, constantly surrounded by art and beauty. After attending the Ecole Supérieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode, I was Assistant Stylist to the main Fashion Editor at Condé Nast Publications. Both in Paris and Milan, I collaborated with a number of luxury brands. Traveling has always been a major part of my upbringing, infusing my own universe with the most diverse influences: a pretty well-done ‘fritto misto’, as we say in Italy. Constantly driven by instinct, I have always felt proudly different and would never put on something worn by someone else. Fashion is not about picking clothes but about telling your story, presenting yourself your own way, giving your opinion and taking on your identity. I’m compulsively creative, relentlessly envisioning new ideas and concepts. ‘Avoid repetition’ is my mantra. I hate wastage and I’m committed to respecting our planet’s precious natural resources and preserving the world for generations to come (including my marvelous son Celestino!). That’s why most of our materials come from upcycling or from the warehouses of our Italian suppliers. Every single idea you’ll find here is a tribute to my only muse: my grandmother Gabriella. Please enjoy your visit at and take your time to desire and to dare!